5 Things To Consider When Dealing With Wedding Suppliers

As your big day approaches, briefing your suppliers before the wedding day is crucial to ensuring a successful wedding. By setting clear expectations you will create a seamless wedding and avoid any awkward or unexpected situations.


It goes without saying that this is one of the most crucial elements of your wedding day. Ensure that you make it clear what your expectations are and when you want things to happen or be delivered. This will ensure things run a lot more smoothly and avoid unneeded stress on the day! So that everyone is on the same page, it is also a great idea to give you suppliers a run sheet or at least brief them on the timings for various parts of the day, for example when the ceremony is set to start, how long for photos, time to eat and access times for bump in and bump out.



Meals may be a requirement for certain suppliers if they are working for lengthy periods of time. For example your photographer has agreed to shoot your wedding for 8 hours so certain arrangements with the caterer need to be made to serve them a meal. Details like whether to feed your suppliers from the main menu or alternative menu and how/where the meals will be served, all needs to be communicated. A dedicated meal supplier schedule in a ‘green room’ is a great option.


It is important to communicate your values, vision and any details that matter most to you both for example moments to capture, being un-intrusive during the ceremony, special songs you would like played at certain points, ensuring your guests have a good time, getting the food out on time, etc. Remember not everyone shares the same values as you. The things you think are obvious may not be to your suppliers. The last thing you want is to have a vision of your wedding day not materialise because you didn’t make it clear to you suppliers.


Most important of all, you need to ensure that you have someone that is dedicated to overseeing the day and sorting our any little issues. As a bride you want to enjoy day and not be worried about little things. This person maybe a hired planner or on the day coordinator. It is then crucial that you let your suppliers know who the delegated responsible person is for the day and their contact details. So they know to approach them for any issues, concerns or problems that need resolving.

Cancellation Policy

Most suppliers have cancellation policies which may include a non-refundable deposit in case you cancel close to the date. This may cover them but what if one of your suppliers cancels on you at the last minute? It is important to let them know you expectations and request that they let you know ASAP if there are any issues. It is also a great idea to set yourself a reminder to contact your suppliers and follow up 3 months out and again 1 months out to ensure you suppliers are on track to deliver.

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