5 Wedding Traditions to Reconsider

Something old, something new, something blue, something new. Certain traditions seem to come to mind when planning a wedding, but that doesn’t mean you should include them. Your wedding should be a reflection of your personalities and choosing those traditions that truly represent you is the best way to personalise your day. We’ve chosen our top 5 wedding traditions that you might want to reconsider and some ideas for what to do instead – why not use your wedding as an opportunity to create some traditions of your own.


Having a bridal party

There are definitely pros and cons of having a bridal party, so let us explain a little more… Whilst having your besties stand next to you while you say I do can be quite special, having a bridal party can also add unnecessary stress to the wedding planning process. Cutting back your bridal party significantly reduces the number of people to organise leading up to your day allowing you more time to focus that attention back on what is really important to you and your partner.  Still want to include your nearest and dearest into your wedding? Invite them to do a reading at the ceremony. This is a great low-stress way for friends to be involved while also personalising another aspect of your day.

Being walked down the aisle by your dad

There is something special about seeing a bride and her father walk down the aisle, however there are a few variations on this tradition that are equally as special! The first time we saw a bride walk down the aisle with her mother and father, we thought ‘why don’t we see this more often?!’ Walking with both your parents is a beautiful way to honour your relationship with each of them on your wedding day. Seeing a bride walk herself down the aisle is a statement of autonomy and independence we also can get behind!


Doing a garter/bouquet toss

Of all these traditions, these two in particular we’re seeing less of. Many brides choose not to wear a garter anymore and want to hold onto their bouquet instead of throwing it into the crowd. Some couples tend to find these elements cut into the party atmosphere of the night and choose to ‘go with the flow’ once the formalities are done.


Giving out wedding favours

While most of these traditions don’t affect your budget, wedding favours are a tradition that actually costs you money. Whether you are on a strict budget or just not sure what favour to give, don’t feel pressured to provide wedding favours to your guests. If your main priority is to throw an incredible and personal party, your guests will be happy to take home the memories and not a jar of honey.


Head table for bridal party

Having the happy couple and the bridal party sit at their own special table front and centre at the reception is a tradition that seems to be slowly fading.  Most happy couples are opting to sit amongst their guests and choosing not to split their bridal party with their significant others.  This allows everyone to enjoy each other’s company and feel apart of the day more intimately and personalises the guests experience too.

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