Our 4 Step Approach To Uncover Your Wedding Style

Now that you’re engaged, it’s probably time to start considering your wedding style. I know it sounds overwhelming, but there’s no time like now! Keep in mind that all good things take time. So, no more spending countless hours searching for colour schemes or flowers. Take a deep breath and follow our four step approach.  

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Ok Pinterest, let’s take a break

I know, this sounds like madness, but trust me when I say that it needs to happen. Pinterest is an incredible resource, but it can often prevent you from making decisions, or worse, lead you to pinning ideas that aren’t really you.  

Stay true to yourself, set aside the season’s trends and keep your values and priorities nearby. Find inspiration in your life and determine what is most important.


Tap into your personal style

Look to your home and wardrobe for inspiration. Your collection of accessories, shoes and handbags can tell you more about your style than anything offered online.

Style is who you are, how you live and how you dress. Do you like romantic, soft textures? Bright and modern details? Vintage, retro pieces? Define your style and the rest will fall into place. You know what makes an impression and what patterns and/or colours speak to you. Don’t be afraid to be experimental, if you like certain details don’t be afraid to push the envelope. Also consider your partner’s style as well. This day is about the two of you and should reflect you as a couple.

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Determine the formality

Are you interested in a black-tie affair or a more casual gathering? The setting you envision for your wedding will help you decide. Outdoor weddings encompass a laid-back feeling while restaurants set the tone for a more formal approach. 

 Determine the kind of atmosphere you would like to present to your guests and whether or not it aligns with the venue you had in mind. Last but not least, make sure to use your formality assessment in all aspects of your wedding such as invitations, table settings, and so forth. Consistency is important.

 Palette Play

The easiest way to unify your wedding is to select one core colour paired with a single accent tone to follow. However, don’t limit yourself to two colours if you wish to have more, add neutrals and metallic to strengthen your overall palette.

 To get inspired by colour, look at a colour wheel and find out if you like subtle, bright or darker tones. Also, make sure your colour options fit seamlessly with the mood and formality of your wedding. Choose what you love and know what you like!

Please, share your styling insights and the details of your wedding with us!

 If you’re looking for a wedding planner, contact us. We’d love to make sure your wedding day is exactly what you wish it to be!